Research and content: you should do some broad reading in the library

 Research and Content: You should do some broad reading in the library databases about your chosen stereotype. How is the stereotype often applied in our culture? What are some of the ways that this stereotype causes harm? Organization: Your essay should be organized like this: Introduction: The introduction and conclusion are critical to the development of your essay, so do not simply write generalizations in either (i.e. “Stereotypes often show up in film” or “People should not stereotype each other”). Do not explain what a stereotype is in your introduction; you may safely assume that your audience is aware of this concept! Instead, use your introduction to provide the specific context of the stereotype/film that you have chosen. What do we need to understand about this stereotype/film in order to understand your thesis and support? Thesis statement (last sentence of introduction): Your thesis statement should identify the stereotype and preview the three examples you will discuss in the body paragraphs. Body paragraphs: Using exemplification, give at least three documented examples of the stereotype within your chosen film. Each paragraph should focus on one example of this particular stereotype. Describe each example in detail, and explain clearly why each example either challenges or perpetuates this stereotype. Conclusion: Your conclusion should not simply summarize your essay; rather, use the conclusion to explain the significance of your observations. Why does it matter that this particular group of people is stereotyped in this film? How do you see that same stereotype reflected in our culture? Point of View: You should be writing in third person (nouns, as well as he, she, they). Do not use first or second person (such as I or we, or you, your, yours). Length: Your essay must be 600-800 words in length. There will be point deductions for going significantly over or under the word count. Outside Sources: You will use one to two academic sources from the library databases (not <word blocked>). You must also cite the film. All sources must be properly documented using in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Both elements of MLA documentation must be included. You may not submit an essay that you wrote for a previous class 

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