Research paper (storage area networks)

Emerging/New Technologies in Computer Networks




Storage Area Networks (SAN) is relatively a new technology in the field of data communications and computer networks. SANs a new way of creating data centers as compared to the traditional method of SCSI disk arrays that are rather isolated data centers.


Using Web and/or library resources, write a research paper about Storage Area Networks (SAN). The paper should be organized as follows: Abstract, Introduction, SAN Technologies, Applications, Conclusions, and References. The paper must contain at least a simple and easy to understand schematic diagram of a typical SAN (it should be placed under SAN Technologies).


Additionally, a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of SAN should be presented in the Conclusion section of the paper. The paper is limited to 5 pages (double space and font size 12, Times New Roman).


You may quote from your references by putting the statement in double quotations with reference number. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in grade of zero

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