Response post role and scope

1. Covid was the most collaborative care that come to my mind. Covid came and changed the world and healthcare as we had known it to be forever. Having to provide care to patients that were sick with a disease we knew little about. Starting of Covid it combined every level of healthcare professionals to care for the sick patients. That includes nurses, cna, doctors, dietary, environmental services, spiritual support and family. The care was coordinated as a team. The doctors made the ultimate decisions nurses and cna’s did the hard part because the doctors didn’t want to go into the rooms to access the patients. The nurses role was heavy. They had to stay up to date on covid numbers, l PPE, crash carts ready, staff properly wearing the protective gear needed, assessing patients, consulting with doctors, respiratory, deal with family and most of all scared patients. We one patient that was a frequent flyer he would come at lease twice a week stay a day and leave AMA. He suffered mental illness. Sadly, he was one that was very friendly. Would always come and make sure he spoke to us all. He was one of the first covid patients to come to the icu. We all worked together to do everything we could. He would spike fevers of 105 and higher, sweating, crying from the pain in his muscles. We as a team was still learning what covid was itself. So we all came together and agreed that we will take turns accessing him. He coded three times over the course of a week. We were down and devastated. We came together and bounced ideas of interventions that can ease the pain. The goal was keep the fever down and monitor very closely. Well we didn’t think he would make it but he did. I wouldn’t have done anything differently because that showed us that all levels of healthcare are important when making a decision on patient centered care.  

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