Revolutionary cases | Political Science homework help


Choose two of the five revolutionary cases (excluding the Ukrainian case) in Kenney’s
book 1989. Use the two sets of documents in the book (and the additional documents I add to
some of those cases) as the basis to compare the two revolutions.
You should focus on the goals, the methods, and the attitudes (toward their governments/opponents,
fellow countrymen, or foreign influence friendly or unfriendly) of the activists. Special attention
should be paid to their views on democracy (what it means, what it should achieve/entail in
substance, what its values is) and the pace/extent/methods of the desirable change (Revolution?
Reform? Is violence necessary?), and their self-understanding (their roles, their position in the
larger society, the prospect of success, the effectiveness of the methods, etc.). Note both
similarities and differences, and try to account for them.

The length should be 4-5 full pages (min. 1,000 words, please include the word count) in
length. Due at noon, 12 pm EST

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