Scientific method analysis | Criminal homework help

Career Relevance-Forensic Data Analysis 

In the field of criminal investigations, you may be asked to analyze forensic data. Imagine you are employed as a private investigator, and you are asked to present to your colleagues the information on a scientific method used in your selected case. 

Select one of the cases from the FBI database.  

Create a 10- to 12-slide PPT presentation to address the following: 

  • -Provide a summary of your selected case. 
  • -Describe the process of the scientific methods used. 
  • -Describe what instruments/equipment were used that were crucial in solving this. 
  • -Explain what educational skills and training were necessary to solve this case. 
  • -Describe the behavioral profiling methods. 
  • -What was the behavioral profile initially? Was it accurate, and why or why not? 
  • -Explain the results of the investigation. 
  • -Provide an overall assessment of the scientific methods and processes. 
  • -Literature Reference Requirement
    Please cite two correct APA formatted literature references supporting what you are saying.

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