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HIPAA Compliance

You are a security engineer for a hospital group based in Cincinnati, OH. Your group has just acquired a small hospital in Alba, IA. Currently, everything except insurance billing is done on paper forms. The company CSO has asked you to draft a memo that gives an overview of what will be necessary to bring this small hospital into HIPAA security compliance. Please draft an 800- to 1,200-word paper and submit it to the Dropbox.

Please type a three- to five-page (800 to 1,200 word) paper using APA style, explaining your recommendations and why you think that they are necessary.

Assignment Grading Rubric

Graded Element Percentage
Assignment Content

  • Discuss the components of an overall compliance plan
  • Discuss specific Administrative, Physical and Technical safeguards that should be implemented
Required Length 10%
Spelling and Grammar 5%
APA Style

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