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During Weeks 2, 3, and 6, you will complete a summary review of a scholarly, peer-reviewed, evidence-based, experimental study journal article related to either a topic covered in the Kalat (2008) textbook or one from the Sacks book as assigned. Expert opinion or theory articles or publications that review multiple studies are not permitted for these assignment; all articles must describe a research experiment conducted by the author(s), be written in a scholarly manner with conclusions at the end and suggested directions for future research. NOTE: Articles used for the Scholarly Article Summary assignments may also be used for the Course Paper.

The required length of the review paper body (not counting the title and Reference pages) is 2-3 pages. The paper must be properly source credited with APA formatted source citations both in the paper body and in a “Reference” page attached to the end. Correct source crediting means the words of the article author or authors are paraphrased (restated in the student’s own words, not copied), with a paper body source credit immediately following any paraphrasing and each source credited is also listed in an attached Reference page. Quoting is not needed for this assignment (your professor will be assessing the meaning you made of the material and the degree to which you analyzed and synthesized it with contents from course readings, not how well you can quote words written by someone else). Only a brief sentence or two of quoting is permitted and they must be in quotation marks with a source credit immediately following. Papers not following the above rules are, by definition, plagiarized and will be assigned zero points per the course rule concerning academic integrity.

The paper body will begin with an introduction identifying the article’s primary focus and end with 2 conclusion paragraphs describing how the research methods used might have impacted the research results.

Each article summary will:

Identify the article, the author(s) and the date of publication, both in the body of the paper and in an attached Reference list, and the focus of the research. 

Describe the hypothesis of the study.

Describe how the study was conducted including:

The population that was studied
The methodology used (i.e. naturalistic observation, experiment, case study, survey, etc.)
How the data was collected and analyzed
Describe the results of the study
Discuss concepts, theories, and principles included in the course textbook to show synthesis of what has been learned in the course related to the information in the article reviewed

End with a 2-paragraph conclusion which:

Reviews the way the research was conducted and potential impact on results (e.g. problems with the study methodology that might have affected its validity and/or generalizability).

Describes three future research ideas inspired by the article.


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