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You have a choice of completing a video testimonial OR PowerPoint presentation. . If you choose the PowerPoint presentation, you will submit a presentation for families of individuals with an addiction; the PowerPoint will need to be at least 10 slides long and complete with either audio OR notes in the

focused topic on addictions (e.g., for family or
individual). The more focused your topic is, the
better. For example, a specific drug or behavioral
The problem (e.g., number of people it impacts,
how the U.S. differs from other countries, or how
many people die from this specific addiction, how
much money is spent, etc…).
2-3 other random facts about the topic (e.g., if
for family members, you could talk about family
roles or other facts that involve families, how the
addiction impacts the brain; if for addicted
persons, you could provide facts that help them to
know they are not alone or that individuals have
received help, how the addiction impacts the
brain, etc…).
3-5 helpful strategies for individuals or families
who have this addiction (e.g., what they could do
to get help or how they should respond to family
References (cite sources of your information);
APA preferred but not required (citing the full
citation on last slide and the names/year such as
“Meadows & Brooks, 2010” in notes pages or
somewhere on slide where you cite the
Used PowerPoint AND video or audio 15
Proper Grammar/No Typos 15
*This presentation should not include the same material as your theory to practice assignment.
They should be two separate topics. 

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