Spt 510 – milestone three


Submit a draft of the Organization’s Response portion of your final project. Be sure to address all critical elements from Section IV in the Final Project Document. Critically analyze how the sport organization responded to the incident or event. Evaluate whether or not the organization’s response was successful.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document and the Final Project Document.

Overview: This milestone examines the reaction by the organization to the event or incident. Both societal pressures and the law impact how organizations proceed following an incident. Individuals involved, as well as those observing, critique the responses of an organization subjectively, but all have recommendations for how to deal with a future incident, and this milestone is asking for those recommendations. This milestone is critical in preparing you to complete the Press Release portion of your final project, which will be submitted in Module Nine.  

Prompt: Submit a draft of the Organization’s Response portion of your final project. This draft should include an analysis of how the organization responded, including their response to societal pressure, how effective the response was, what laws and/or policies (both internal and external) impacted the organization’s response, and recommendations for how the organization may prepare to minimize future incidents.  

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