Submit essay 2: case study analysis. compose a 3 page analysis which

 Submit Essay 2: Case Study Analysis. Compose a 3 page analysis which identifies, differentiates, and discusses the managerial aspects and leadership aspects of the US Postal Service transformation. Also, consider the application of strategic management techniques employed in the transformation process. This is a formal writing assignment and will be graded as such. Make clear connections to the course readings and additional research. Include a minimum of 3 direct references to the course concepts/theories and outside research as well in APA format. Note, popular, non-scholarly online resources such as Wikipedia, eHow, Ezine, and online dictionaries are NOT appropriate resources for academic or professional writing.

Papers should contain:

1. An introductory paragraph that establishes the issues that your paper will address;
2. A body that addresses the guidelines listed above (with clear topic sentences and transitions);
3. A conclusion that sums up your paper and highlights thoughts you have on the future of the US Postal Service.

[Include a cover page, parenthetical citations, and a reference page in APA format; be sure if you use direct quotes to include them in quotation marks and cite a page number.] 

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