Term 5 week 4 discussions


Term 5 Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Business Management)

Part 1 – Chapter 10: Differentiate between a lead strategy and a lag strategy. 

Part 2 – Chapter 11: How has the volatility of the current global exchange rate regime affected international businesses? How can the problem be tackled? 

Part 3 – Chapter 12: What are the different types of competitive pressures that firms competing in a global marketplace face? How can firms respond to such pressures? 

Unit 4 DB: Leonard and Wilma (ACC440 Auditing)

Leonard Bailey is one of several partners in a medium sized (50 employees) CPA firm.  Wilma Lawrence is the controller of ABC Manufacturing, one of Leonard’s clients.  She has been with the company for 28 years and is very protective of what she considers her domain.  An audit of ABC is scheduled to start in two weeks.  Leonard is meeting with Wilma to introduce her to Claire Nunn, a new audit senior who will be running the job.  Wilma is courteous, but somewhat uneasy during the meeting.  Afterward, as Leonard and Claire are leaving, Wilma called Leonard back inside.  She closed the door and said quietly, but firmly, “Leonard, I respect your business sense and have known you a long time.  I know your firm does good work.  But where did you get that girl?  She should be home knitting.  And you intend her to lead an audit?”  Leonard knows that Wilma has a history of conflict with female employees within her company.

What should Leonard do (if anything) to resolve this situation?

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