Term paper for the following topic explain the differing viewpoints

Term Paper
For the following topic explain the differing viewpoints and take a position thatreflects your view. You must use at least four sources of research and list and citeyour sources. Avoid long quotes lifted from your sources. Be persuasive about yourview. Pick one side or the other, not “it depends”.
 Should the government protect American jobs by imposing stiff penalties oncompanies that transfer jobs offshore by outsourcing or manufacturing in a

different country?











our paper should include a consideration of the pros and cons for acompany to offshore from the company point of view as well as theeffect on the country and economy point of view. You should have atleast eight pros and eight cons, more for a better grade. It is unlikelythat you will get this many from any one source. Support your positionwith facts rather than emotional arguments. To get the highest gradeyour pros and cons should be readily identifiable to the reader andmore than eight each.. MAKE IT EASY FOR ME TO TELL HOWMANY PROS AND CONS YOU HAVE WITHOUT HAVING TORE-READ AND MANUALLY COUNT — FIGURE IT OUT 


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