Terminating employees/safe,high quality patient care

Week 7 Case Study

Terminating Employees

 You are a nurse manager for the birthing center in a hospital.Marcia Concord is a nurse in your department, and for the past several months you noticed Marcia’s high incidence of absenteeism by calling off. Prior to April she was verbally warned about her absenteeism and given counseling. On April 20, 2016, she was given a written warning.May, 2016 she missed work 3 days stating she misread her schedule. On June 2, 7, 12 and 23 she was over an hour late for her shift. On July 7th she was found sleeping in an empty bed for 4 hours while on her shift. On August 20th she reported her car stopped on the freeway and was unable to come to work, 10 minutes prior to start of the shift.September 7 and 23 she reported the same car stopped on the freeway and was unable to come to work.October 29 she called in with a cold, October 30 she called in with the flu and said she was not coming to work.


You did provide this nurse as with every nurse, the expectations, job description, and performance criteria.The hospital feels above 6 absences in a 12-month period is considered unacceptable.You called Marcia Concord for a termination meeting, but first you must prepare a script for your termination conversation with her.


Follow the guidelines provided in Chapter 19, and write a script for Maria Concord termination conversation you will have with her. You can incorporate a table into your paper as well.


Assignment Guidelines

·Respond in a Word document.

·Your response should be at least 1-2 pages, double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12 point font.

·Use APA style writing when crafting your response. Do add your title and reference(s) pages


Week 8 Case study

” Safe, High-Quality Patient Care”


. It should be from 8-10 double-spaced pages APA format. The subject of your course paper should meet the following criteria:
a.    It must be about any aspect of health care management or health care leadership. .
b.   It should have a thesis statement rather than just being descriptive.
c.   Identify the pros and cons of the issue.
d.   Use at least four references from academic journals. 
e.   Explain your position on this issue and how you arrived at it. Describe the process. 

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