The first step in creating your strategy playbook is to select an

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  • Review the media piece Capstone Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results: Description of the Playbook. This media piece provides a description of the contents of the Strategy Playbook.
  • Consider:
    • You may want to study your current organization if it is publically traded (all names of people within the organization must be disguised).
    • You may want to study a direct competitor of your current company, if it is publically traded, and apply lessons learned as appropriate.
    • You may want to study an exemplary public company where you could use your analysis to model a new business start-up you are considering.
    • You may want to study a failing public company, and analyze what you think are the root causes of the failure and offer strategies for an effective turnaround.
  • Be sure to choose an organization/industry that you are really interested in and will commit to studying for the remainder of the course.

 The name of the company that you will study and an explanation that demonstrates how your choice meets the criteria given, and why you think you’ll learn the most from it, and have the most fun analyzing it

  • A sentence or two that verifies that you have been able to find annual reports and other information about the company at the Hoover’s, Business Source Complete, or other relevant source within the Walden Library

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