The following post is another student post to wish i have to reply.


The following post is another student post to wish i have to reply. Please Make sure to add other information related to what the student posted. APA style 2 references and less than 20 % similarity  

My world view is closer to the constructivist paradigm. The Constructivist paradigm approach refers to or makes the believe that people will build or rather construct ones own understanding along with their knowledge of the world in which they live in (i.e.) previous experiences. In terms, this is based on or upon the experiences and other things that have reflecting ideas from previous encounters. Key assumptions of the constructivist paradigm preclude the ethic of objectivity and neutrality associated with the positivist and empiricist traditions. (Allen, 2008).

 Positivist paradigm focuses on many formations and assumptions. In addition, at times positivist research does not yield a quantitative method or approach. A primary goal of positivist inquiry is to generate explanatory associations or causal relationships that ultimately lead to prediction and control of the phenomena in question. (Park et al, 2020).


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