The modern state | Social Science homework help

So you are here in this course……I am wondering why should we even bother about world…..I love New York City and I am sure you do too….so you have to convince me after reading and watching two movies…..Why it is important to learn about World?  Remember your short essay should be at least 5 pages long and should reflect the readings in this section as well as the movies….. I promise you this is going to be an amazing course provided you do all the work on time…..Due May 30

Required Readings:

1. The Modern State 

2. Why the Reaction is Different When the Terrorist is White

Movies: (Order thru Netflix or whatever you have)

1. Ghost of Rawnada (PBS Frontline)

2. Crash _ 2004  ( )



HINT: Do the readings first, think for a day? Watch Ghost of Rwanda (get freaked may be cry a little bit; think for another two days) watch CRASH (ask yourself few thoughtful questions) and then sit down and write your essay…create and outline…. remember there is no right or wrong answers…it is all about PERCEPTIONS.


  • What do you think about the two movies? Do not summarzie the movies. Write your original opinions.

  • At least 5 pages long and should be linked with readings 

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