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Guidelines for Short Papers Each paper must be double spaced, justified on the left side only (turn off right-hand justification) in Times Roman 12-point font (or equivalent), with margins of at least 1 inch. Papers must be no longer than 2 pages.I will stop reading at the bottom of the secondpage. Do not attempt to summarize every aspect of the paper! This exercise is designed to help you learn how to identify and summarize the core argument(s) in anarticleaccurately and succinctly.You may but are not required tooffer some critical insight into the assigned reading. This can take the form either of agreeing or disagreeing with the author(or both)and explaining why you agree or disagree. To do this you need to spell out the author’s position enough so that your own remarks have some context. If you wish, you may focus your attention on a particular argument or part of a paper, as long as it is central to the main issue and not a peripheral point. It is your choice which readings you write on, but you must hand each paper in on the class in which we will discuss the material you wrote about. For example, if you wish to hand in an assignment on Flanagan and Polger’s paper, it is due at the beginning of class on February 27. So please pay close attention to the reading schedule. However, the reading you are to do this paper on is 21.Excerpt from Seager, William. 1999. Theories of Consciousness: An Introduction and Assessment. London; New York: Routledge Pages 72-84 of the attached pdf article I will provide a copy of the reading for you to use and read as a word attachment. Please follow the guidelines and directions above. You must read the reading and then follow the directions stated above to write the short paper. I have attached both the reading you are to use for this short paper as well as an example of a short paper written by an A student in our class on a different reading/topic that you can look at to see how it should look. Thank you and im looking forward to seeing the work you do on this short paper. The reading you are to do this short paper on is a pdf and the sample is a word document.

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