Ubuntu vs. windows server | Computer Science homework help

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You have been hired as a consultant to RBC, Inc. RBC has indicated they are interested in deploying a solution for providing a variety of network services. The services include file-sharing, printer sharing, web hosting, and database access. You have agreed to provide a solution using an existing PC workstation class hardware platform. This hardware will be configured and operated at RBC’s facility. Propose a solution capable of running on the specified hardware platform. Your analysis should include the advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu vs. Windows Server. Your report must include comparisons of speed, easy of use, features, reliability, and any other factors you think may be relevant. You also need to include your recommendations and why. The report should be written for a non-technical executive audience, but should include all relevant details. Report length: 5-10 pages References: At least 10 (due Thursday, April 8) Final Paper Due: Wednesday, April 15

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