Unit 6 assignment: the study of emotion (due sunday) watch this 4



Watch this 4 minute video about facial expression around the world:

Watch VideoThe Human Connection: Exploring Facial Expressions with Paul Ekman

User: n/a – Added: 6/4/14

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lISfh-Ip-qA

Then, watch this 5 minute video about the study of emotion around the world:

Watch VideoHow Emotions Differ Across Cultures

User: n/a – Added: 7/13/15

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JChxT9Yv2iw

Write a 2 page opinion paper about the study of emotion around the world. Answer these questions:

  1. What does the research say about the expression of emotion around the world?
  2. Does it look the same?
  3. What does the research say about the perception of emotion around the world?
  4. Are the studies biased? Why?
  5. How would you change the studies to make them less biased.
  6. How important is it to understand the role of culture on emotional expression?

Additional Instructions:

  • Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style.
  • In addition to the provided videos, include 2-3 additional credible resources as evidence to support your opinions.
  • The assignments must include:
    • Running head
    • A title page with Assignment name
    • Your name
    • Professor’s name
    • Course
  • To submit the assignment, click on the Submit Assignments/Assessments link in the left navigation panel and attach your document.

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