Unit 7 assignment | Physiology homework help

Thus far, you have been asked to provide a link for any source used in your written assignments as a way of attributing credit to the source.  Going forward, you will need to attribute credit to your sources by including in-text citations and references in accordance with APA-tyle. This assignment will be good practice for building these valuable skills! This assignment consists of two parts – a Part A and a Part B. 


To prepare for this portion of the assignment, read pages 269-270 from the 7th edition of the APA Manual, which are located under Readings and Resources. These two pages contain information about the placement of APA-style in-text citations, particularly in summarized or paraphrased work.  Based on this reading, you will review three versions of the same paragraph and select which paragraph contains the correct placement of APA-style in-text citations.


Instructions: For every source you cite within an assignment, you must include an accompanying reference for it at the end of your assignment. For this activity, you will review how to write an APA-style reference for three different types of sources – a textbook, a peer-reviewed journal article, and a website. Then, you will be given references for actual sources and you will need to determine which references are written in APA-style. Finally, you will have the opportunity to write APA-style references for a textbook, a peer-reviewed journal article, and a website yourself. 

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