Usability evaluation | Usability Evaluation

Perform a usability evaluation of an existing e-commerce Website. 

Including images is highly encouraged to demonstrate the usability issues within the site.  

Use the following points as guidelines when writing the Website Review:

1. System Identification: What Website are you evaluating? What is its main purpose, and what are the target users? 

2. Tasks and Activities: As an evaluation participant, what are you trying to complete with the system? Be sure to identify at least three use cases. Upon identification, complete each identification path you are trying to identify, including the strengths and weaknesses of each task and activity.

3. Metrics: As much as possible, use measurable criteria as you’ve read in the Preece text. Identify those methods you’ve applied in your review of the Website.

4. Application: Using the Nielsen 10 heuristics for usability design, explain how each task can be improved.

5. Assessment: Recommend five changes the Website platform selected can make to improve its usability posture.

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