Vhdl coding to initialize touchscreen, display image and detect touch

TOUCHSCREEN requirements

800×480 pixels




Registers Configuration for TRDB-LTM Touch Screen LCD

R02 : 000001112

R02[7:6]: 00 Dot inversion method selection: Type 1

R02[5]: 0 VD polarity : Low pulse

R02[4]: 0 HD polarity : Low pulse

R02[3]: 1 Input clock latch data edge : Latch data at NCLK falling edge

R02[2:0]: 11 Resolution selection : input sequence 800RGBx480

Output sequence 800RGBx480t

R03 : 110111112

R03[7]: 1 Hardware or Software selection for resolution and standby : Software register

R03[6]: 1 Pre-charge ON/OFF: Pre-charge enable

R03[5:4]: 01 Driving capability: 100%

R03[3]: 1 PWM output ON/OFF : PWM enable

R03[2]: 1 VGL pump output ON/OFF: VGL pump enable

R03[1]: 1 CP_CLK output ON/OFF: CP_CLK enable

R03[0]: 1 Power management: Normal operation

R04: xx0101112

R04[5:4]: 01 VGL pump frequency : Period(Frequency for WVGA) 1 * H(~32KHz)

R04[3:2]: 01 CP_CLK frequency: Period(Frequency for WVGA) 1 * H(~32KHz)

R04[1]: 1 Vertical reverse function: Normal (CSV=H)

R04[0]: 1 Horizontal reverse function: Normal

Other registers are left in the default modes.

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