Video response | Criminal homework help

please watch the video given in the link 

 J John Henrik Clarke – A Great and Mighty Walk (full – YouTube 

 Video/ Film Analysis Papers Throughout the semester, you will be asked to view select videos. These videos are in alignment  with the readings and class subject matter. You will compose a one-page typed response. NOTE:  You will NOT be penalized if your paper is more than a page 

 (A) SUMMARY: Write a summary in 2-3 sentences identifying the most interesting points  or compelling ideas presented in the film 

( B) DISCUSSION: This is the longest and most critical part of your response paper. Here  you give your personal commentary about the most interesting or insightful points raised in  the film. How does the film confirm, challenge, or expand your knowledge or thinking about  the subject of the film? 

must be one page apa format and no plagerism! report required 

need in 5 hours 


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