Week 4a jose 303 | Criminal homework help

  Please respond directly to the below classmate discussion post. Minimum of 100 words.


How the slippery slope theory contributes to ethical behavior in law enforcement. How does the slippery slope contribute to illegal and unethical decision-making in policing or corrections. 

The meaning of “slippery slope”in criminal justice is a concept or plan of action which will point to anything unacceptable, illegal, or unfavorable. The slippery slope theory says police taking money or rewards begins from taking trivial things and police officers admit it. It is believed that if police officers take small rewards for their service that it will lead them to other officers involved in corruption. An example of a slippery slope would be when a police officer takes a free cup of tea or coffee, then free meals from someone, he will look for bigger greater things of value. “Slippery slope”: the idea that a small first step can lead to more serious behaviors, such as the receipt of minor gratuities by police officers believed to eventually cause them to desire or demand receipt of items of greater value. 

In the film the small gratuities lead to more prominent corrupt and illegal acts being committed. This film is above and beyond the slippery slope. The elaborate scale of the corruption all the way up to the three wise men, must have taken years to develop. This was not just a coffee that led to packs of money being picked up from various contacts.

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