Week 7 & 8 discussion

( 1) ***** WEEK 7 DISCUSSION QUESTION ****** :   

Please complete the following:

Hiring people with complementary skills and styles can lead to a more effective team. When you’re picking out the members of your team, you will need to apply what you have learned about them (from your research and the evaluations) to the selection process. This week, you learn how to balance your team so you have complementary skills and styles.

 Think about what you have learned this week regarding balance. Why is it important to make sure you have a balanced team? What can happen if you have too many people with the same strengths or weaknesses?

( 2)  ****WEEK 7 DISCUSSION  QUESTION   *****


Defining a problem is often the most important step in the problem-solving process. It’s also the ideal time to identify a problem’s root cause so that you can address it directly. One technique for getting at the root cause is the “five whys analysis.”

In this method, you start with a problem and repeatedly ask, “why,” usually five times, answering your own question each time until you get to the problem’s root cause.

  • Watch the Khan Academy video, “Eutrophication and Dead Zones,” which highlights the problem of dead zones appearing in coastal waters.
  • Then, use the Five Whys Analysis to drill down to the root cause of this problem. What do you think is the root cause? Why?
  • Now, try the same method with a problem you’re facing in your personal or professional life. What is the problem? What is its root cause?


 ******* WEEK 8 DISCUSSION QUESTION *********


This week, you learned about how humans are impacting the environment and using more resources than we can make up for.

  • Choose one of the following topics: land, water, food, or biodiversity. Discuss at least one factor that is causing a negative impact on your chosen topic.
  • Then, use your problem-solving and innovation skills to suggest at least one solution humans could implement to combat the imbalance. Why did you choose that solution?

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