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Universities are likely to use which ethical structure to focus on allegations of unethical conduct such as faking research?

A. a whistleblower policy

B. a credo

C. an ethics committee

D. a values statement

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A common approach companies use to avoid conflicts of interest in gift giving is to have a gift policy that __________ .

A. lists acceptable gifts

B. limits the dollar value to a modest amount

C. lists acceptable companies from whom to accept gifts

D. requires gifts be donated to charities

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To establish an ethical corporate culture, which of the following approaches might be used?

A. ethics training

B. ethical structures

C. whistleblower policies

D. all of the above

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When Levi Strauss lost market share and profits decreased in the late 1990s, shareholders blamed the CEO for __________ .

A. failing to address a social responsibility agenda

B. focusing too narrowly on only profit maximization

C. giving too high a priority to corporate social responsibility

D. giving market share to Wrangler

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Research indicates that social responsibility __________ .

A. is related to higher financial performance

B. requires a narrow focus on producing goods and services for profit only

C. does not include caring for the natural environment

D. does not impact the company’s ability to recruit better quality job applicants

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A formal statement of ethics and values that is designed to guide employee conduct in a variety of business situations is __________ .

A. a corporate credo

B. a code of ethics

C. an ethical policy statement

D. a values statement

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A code of ethics in an organization __________ .

A. guarantees employees will act in an ethical manner

B. describes what is legal and illegal

C. eliminates ethical dilemmas

D. creates consensus regarding ethical principles

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Which of the following is not one of the key ethical approaches to making business decisions?

A. utilitarianism

B. democratic approach

C. individualism

D. rights approach

Question 12 of 20

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Tips for making ethical business decisions include all of the following except __________ .

A. take time to learn the facts

B. consider the financial facts

C. identify the people impacted by the decision

D. identify the ethical concerns

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A large company facing complex ethical issues in different markets may find a corporate credo is not specific enough. To provide more concrete guidelines and formulas for employee conduct, they may develop __________ .

A. an ethical policy statement

B. a code of ethics

C. a values statement

D. a mission statement

question 14
Which of the following is a good guideline to follow when making ethical decisions?

A. Examine the consequences and avoid examining the proposed procedures.

B. Get feedback from a trusted friend before acting.

C. Avoid thinking too far ahead to the consequences of how the decision will look when made public.

D. Act quickly on your instinct before considering too many alternatives.

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The approach to dealing with stakeholder concerns that has the highest commitment to social responsibility is _________ .

A. confrontation strategy

B. damage control strategy

C. accommodation strategy

D. proactive strategy

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Since a team is only as ethical as its “weakest ethical link,” the team development process should include __________ .

A. distributing a copy of the corporate credo

B. a review of whistleblower policies

C. ethics training

D. distributing a copy of the code of ethics for team members to sign

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Jeremy’s ethical decision making is guided primarily by his belief that his self-interests should be promoted as long as he doesn’t harm others. What approach to ethical decision making does Jeremy use?

A. utilitarianism

B. justice approach

C. individualism

D. rights approach

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Which would you recommend to a team looking for ways to improve their ethical climate?

A. Require that all team members learn the code of ethical conduct.

B. Recognize and reward ethical behavior in team members.

C. Ensure that unethical behavior is not tolerated by the team.

D. all of the above

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Which federal law provides protection to whistleblowers who disclose financial fraud in publicly traded corporations?

A. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

B. Title VII

C. The ADA

D. Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Question 20 of 20

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The duty a company has to conduct its affairs ethically in a manner that benefits both employees and the larger society is known as __________ .

A. ethics

B. a values statement

C. profit maximization

D. social responsibility

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