Write a 3-4 page report on the following non profit organization

Report must be on LIFELINE ANIMAL PROJECT in ATLANTA, GA, I have completed half the assignmnet, I just need the following questions to be answered and be placed at the end of my report. I have attached it below. 


1.    Which programs and services is the organization using to address the critical the social issues your team identified? Provide a brief description of those programs.


2.    How is the effectiveness of the organization’s programs and services evaluated?


3.    How does the organization fund their operations, programs and services?  Describe the impact the funding or funding sources have on the organization.


4.    Use the six practices described in the article “Creating High-Impact Nonprofits” (Stanford Social Innovation Review) to identify the area(s) the organization would benefit from improving and/implementing. How will implementing or improving these areas impact the organization’s capacity to address the social issue(s) your team identified?



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