Write a java program that calculates and displays the results of

write a Java program that calculates and displays the results of addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division,
modulus, bitwise &, or bitwise |
operation on two integer values input by the user. The program should prompt the user for the two integers and the operation to be performed. Here is a sample run:Enter
the first integer: 24
Enter the second integer: 4
Enter the operation: +
The results of 24 + 4 is 28I know how to declare a variable but I have no idea where to learn the rest. Help?!? I need to understand what each line of code does. The same goes for the nextWrite a Java program prompts a user to enter demographic information including year of birth (values 1900

month of birth (values 1

12), day (value of 1

31) of birth,
latitude and longitude of home address current grade point average (GPA). Here is a sample run:
Enter your birth year (1900

2014): 1989



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