You are an entry-level programmer


You are an entry-level programmer with the ACME Development Firm. Your boss has selected you to plan new payroll application for a new client. This could be the big break you have been looking for to move up in the company. In general, the application you are planning takes employee information and appropriate timecard data and generates payroll data for the pay period. The application should also be able to generate and print paycheck statements for each employee. (There are samples of these documents attached to these instructions.)

Calculations Required:

Gross pay is the total amount an employee makes BEFORE deductions; net pay is what they get to take home. Net pay is calculated by subtracting the following deductions from an employee’s gross pay:

Medical Insurance: $25 + $5 for each dependent
Dental Insurance: $2 per covered person (employee and dependents)
State Tax: determined using a tax table (data file)
Social Security: 7% of gross earnings up to $60,000 – No Social
Security is paid on amounts over $60,000

Taxable Pay = Gross Pay – (Medical Ins. + Dental Ins.)
Use the Taxable Pay to calculate State taxes. Use Gross Pay to calculate Social Security tax.

Data Dictionary:
All of the data in your program will involve a variable or constant. These variables and constants will be used throughout your program. In the data dictionary, you must identify the following items for each data item:

Variable name used
Data type
Size (Maximum number of digits or characters)
Module(s) in which it is used
Scope (Local or Global)
Whether or not it is a constant

Design/Planning Charts:
Hierarchy Chart

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